Define data platform strategy

All data is not the same and understanding the business value of data is critical for defining the data and storage strategy. One should consider the following points to drive specific business results:

  • Enhanced productivity
  • Security and Compliance
  • Reduce Cost

Synegrate can help your business navigate the data landscape by providing strategies and solutions for managing your most valuable asset.


Delivering end-to-end data management solution

Whether data is a central system of record, distributed in different silos, on-premises or in the cloud, optimization and management is critical to drive revenue. Synegrate can help by providing strategies for end-to-end data solutions using the Microsoft technology stack.

  • SQL Server
  • SQL Server Stretch Database
  • Azure SQL Server
  • Document DB
  • SQL Data Warehouse

Actionable Analytics

Identify and capitalize on new revenue opportunities to enable decision making process for business growth. Synegrate can help implement analytics to provide business insight that can drive revenue, lower operational costs and maximize opportunities; essentially giving the business a competitive advantage in real-time. Synegrate also makes it easy to discover, visualize, analyze and report on all data from anywhere, at any time on any device.

  • Data Lake Analytics
  • Data Lake Store
  • HD Insight
  • Stream Analytics
  • Data Factory
  • Power BI Embedded